Annual Australian Kimber Run


This time the MG Car Club of SA can report that this event has brought out many types and colours of the marque the late Cecil Kimber would have been so proud of.

Commencing at the old basket ball court hard stand now referred to at Edwards Park just off the start of West Terrace in Adelaide, soon after 09.00 am and sent on their way through the City of Adelaide and headed out into the suburbs in long lines under instructions of their navigators all the way to Mannum after a morning tea stop at Mount Torrens Oval.

This being the 25th running of the premier event which is open to all owners of MG’s. The event this year featured MG Midgets and there were two examples out in front of the lines of participant MG’s, a lovely Blue “M” Type owned by Tim Rettig dating back to 1929 (yes! 91 years old!!) brought up to more recent times by a more recent light blue 1969 MG Midget, so quite a time span of some 40 years.

Plus some beautifully turned out examples of MG’s well over 40 years old which looked so amazing in a myriad of colours.

What a wonderful sight to see MG after MG continuing into the Adelaide hills along Montacute Road and passed Cherryville then turning Left on the Lobethal Road with some very challenging but safe roads for our MG’s into Lobethal and on to the arranged morning tea or coffee stop on the oval lawn in front of the Clubrooms where one could see all the assembled MG’s in one spot while the owners regathered their thoughts after the drive with some of the best cakes to be seen to break the diets!

The drive through the Adelaide Hills was so spectacular at this time of the year but something of a worry with the summer approaching having experienced the bushfires so recently and indeed evident as we drove through Lobethal.

The drivers and passengers seem to all start departing at the same time from the Mt Torrens oval and streamed out and on their way through Mount Pleasant and then A turn Right and heading to Mannum. A definite drop down along the plains the other side of the hills was through some wonderful open pastures and then into Mannum along River Lane to be met by a number of marshals arranging to fit 150 MG’s onto the Mary Anne Reserve alongside the River Murray, what a sight to see!

And what a great effort by the marshals in fitting us all plus spilling onto the carpark along side the reserve. By the time I arrived the whole reserve area was full and most of the owners and their passengers had headed up to the Mannum Community Club where the luncheon was to be served.

We were amazed on arrival ourselves to see 260 participants sitting down to a beautifully presented meal of either beef or chicken and vegetables to be followed later by chocolate Brownie desert, it was a military process quietly carried out by the staff of the Community Club, well done!

One of the highlights of being in the Mannum Community Club is the view through the large windows where one can look down on the reserve and all the MG’s but also the wonderful view of the River Murray with the houseboats and the river boats coming and going, what a great view.

Like all major events this event needs plenty of help to make the day a success and this was again so necessary seeing we have only just had approval to put the event on the calendar.

I must first thank the Committee for the MG Car Club SA for giving us the permission to have the event, also my offsider in Ken Burke who so ably undertook the role liaising with the Committee and the registration and all that goes with the administration right through to the preparation with his wife Heather preparing the rally book and then helping on the day. Also my good friends Leon & Faye Rosenzweig who always come down from the Riverland to help at registration, I could not see this task performed with greater pleasantness and knowledge without them.

Plus all the members, too many to name here, who when asked, were only too happy to help, I say a big thank you!

As I said several times during the day………… To those on the run……………


Will there be a next time next year? Who knows!
Mike Greenwood – AAKR Coordinator with Ken Burke
November 2021