Club Magazine

Our monthly club magazines are prepared and produced by our magazine editor, Laurie Houghton and his contact details are:

Phone: 8356 9953

Submissions for the magazine close on the 10th day of each month, for inclusion in the next issue. Photos should include owner of the photos name and address as well as details of subjects.

Classified Advertisements can be submitted as for articles or phoned through if they are short. Classifieds are free for members. Non-members fee is $20.00 per advertisement per issue.

Adverts are normally only valid for one issue. It’s your responsibility to notify the editor if you wish to repeat your advertisement in subsequent issues.

Note to sellers:
Cars for sale must have the registration number or engine number.

Note to Contributors:
Articles, etc submitted by e-mail should be attached as a “Word” document, Arial 10, Justified, NOT formatted or tabbed. Photos should also be attached, not reduced in file size i.e. Low Resolution and please avoid sending pdf files.

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