Club Registration For Historic Vehicles – Covid 19 Measures

Club Registration For Historic Vehicles – Covid 19 Measures


Whilst the current COVID-19 restrictions remain in force, including the rather rigorous hygiene requirements for members’ visits to the clubrooms, the Club Registration business associated with the issuance of MR334 forms (for registration of historic vehicles, transfer of ownership, etc.) will continue to be conducted by Arthur Ruediger, Rodger Polkinghorne and myself strictly by appointment, until further notice, at the clubrooms on Saturday mornings, to mid December.

Our contact details are:
Arthur : 0417 843 164
Rodger: 0416 151 295
Geoff : 0408 800 468

All business associated with paying subscriptions, updating or replacing log books, will be conducted by post this year.  Please include your log book/s for updating or replacement, your blue registration papers (or registration payment receipt) and a stamped, self addressed envelope

As well, include the invoice with the cheque or credit card details.  If paying by BSB, make sure you include your name and membership number in the payment transaction.

As log books can only cover three consecutive years from the date of issue, all log books issued before 2019, must be replaced for year 2021.  In the Club Membership Record, the Membership Year 1 will show a Commencement Date of 01/01/2018 and the “Replace Log Book” entry at the top of the front cover will show a date earlier than 31/12/21 (in red ink).

Please ensureto add $5 to your payment for each new log book that you require.

Please don’t hesitate to ring me if any of the above is unclear to you or if you have any problems in meeting this change in practice.

Geoff Goode
Club Registrar for Historic Vehicles