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MGB60 – MGB Register 60th Anniversary Run

May 22



Welcome to this special MGB event for the 60th anniversary of the day that the first of more than ½ million MGBs came off the assembly line at the Abingdon-on-Thames factory.

I hope you enjoy the day.

MGBs are to arrive at the Torrens Parade Ground (TPG) between 9am and 11am.
The TPG will have another event happening on the same day but MGBs will have a separate, fenced off parking area.There will be a boom-gate operator there to allow appropriate vehicles into the site.
Approach the TPG along Victoria Drive from the Frome Road direction so that you’re not trying to turn right, across traffic, into the TPG.

There will be a coffee van at the site for those who need the extra caffeine boost on a Sunday morning.
Hot beverages can be purchased from the vendor by those who would like them.

Once in the TPG carpark, MGBs will be greeted by me and other volunteers who will collect a signed Condition of Entry form.
Anyone that doesn’t have the completed form ready to hand over on arrival will be directed to a separate parking area for naughty MGBs where they can complete the form on the day before moving their MGB to join the others.
Please help the volunteers by having the form ready before arriving.

Once the signed form has been received, entrants will be handed the instructions on how to follow the prescribed route to the destination venue site at West Lakes.

I have a number of commemorative windscreen stickers, as above, to hand out on the day. As there’s a limited number of these stickers, priority will be given to those of you who took the trouble to already reply to my earlier email to let me know in advance that you’ll be attending.
The stickers are to be placed on your car before heading off. The stickers are about half the width of an MGB windscreen, so if you’re tall like me, they can go on the passenger’s side of the windscreen so that the driver’s vision isn’t obstructed, but it’s your choice of where you’d prefer to locate it on your windscreen.

A Club official will direct MGBs to leave the TPG carpark in manageable groups and they can then follow the route instructions to the display area.
Do not take short cuts to get there because there’ll be chaos when you arrive.
Besides I’m hoping to show off our MGBs to the general public collectively along the way rather than as individuals.
It’s intended that after the first few sets of traffic lights, the convoy of MGBs will become segmented into smaller groups, which will be a huge assistance for the volunteers controlling the parking at the destination venue.

At the destination, there will no doubt be a queue of MGBs on the road, waiting to get onto the lawn area.
Please be patient while the Club volunteers do their best to get you parked as quickly as is possible.
Note that the only access to the display area is up the standard height kerb at the road-side. As someone who owns the lowest height road-going MGB in the State, I understand the trepidation that this might mean for some of you.
Be assured that precautions have been taken to allow a smooth transition from road to lawn by the use of timber that will be placed against the kerb to make a gradual, low height step up from the road.
You’ll be driving your MGB from the road at an angle, which will also make the step very much easier, just like I have to approach those annoying, so-called “traffic calming” speed humps in some backstreets.
When you arrive, follow the instructions of the Club volunteers who will direct you to a parking space. Remember that it’s important for you to locate the front of your MGB in line with the MGB next to you, and to park no more than a door opening space between your MGB and its neighbour.

Everyone is free to depart the site at any time that they chose, but remember that you’ll need to exit at the same places with the timber ramp in the kerb.

There is a public toilet at the Reserve which was a key consideration when choosing this location.

You’re welcome / encouraged to bring along your own picnic chairs and shade but you won’t be allowed to knock pegs into the lawn because of the under turf irrigation system. Tie-down weights are acceptable. Please bring your own beverage of choice because there won’t be any available at the Reserve.

At the destination venue, I’ve arranged for a wood-fired oven pizza vendor to be on site who offers hand-made 9” pizzas for you to purchase for your lunch, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.
These “personal” sized pizzas are ideal to consume, without the inconvenience of needing cutlery, while sitting with friends or wandering around the MGBs on display. See the menu below.

Please support this local business as it was very difficult for me to find a food van operator who would co-operate.


May 22
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Torrens Parade Ground
Victoria Drive
Adelaide, South Australia 5000 Australia
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Nick Phillips
0415 681 406