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T Register Meeting – March 2020

5 March 2020

12 March 2020


A view to behold, a garage to die for in the cul de sac at the Cove.

John & Sue Davies , Tigress Ave Hallett Cove.

Well, another stunning garage for the Register meeting, that is two in a row this year.

Congratulations John & Sue for hosting the register at your home that not only mesmerized the garage tragics but swooned the gardeners in the group out front. A total of 41 signed in , register cars numbered 19 in total, 15 T’s , 2 prewar ( ND & KN), 2 Y saloons.

Thanks to John for allowing the register to shift a week back, this was entirely due to the contingent , including BOTR, taking a weekend at The Phillip Island Classic Festival of Motor Sport. Last year you may recall that the “bad boys” attempted to disrupt the meeting at Goldy’s by phoning in from the island and requesting pizzas, and causing mayhem. Peter Perfect gave his seal of approval on the interlocking floor tiles in the garage and hinted that it was most unfair that members were not asked to wear soft slippers as was the case last month at Torrens Park, dem the breaks I said, maybe John is smarter, he does not have to shine the floor daily.

Apologies. The following lodged an apology for their inability to attend. Ken Fisher (Perth), Mike Greenwood ( meeting), Simon Ewart (flying aircraft), David McNaughton ( grand prix) , Vicar Cundy (fringe), Gordon Brice ( Blaze aid), Bob Schapel ( yabbying !!), Leigh Richter ( door missing), David Fairbrother, Russell Garth ( throat op recovery).

Those on the sick list and quite ill , Mike Lyons & Don Offler.

Stan Shephard sent his regards from his care unit via Robin Gibbs, hang in there old mate we miss you not being around with your MG books and memorabilia.

Bereavements. It’s the first time that this was on my agenda, sadly we lost 3 members of the MG Car Club and they included Laurie Houghton’s loving partner Jo Sherwood, long time member and legend Ron (Ronnie) Lewis, and Maurie Evans of MGA & MGB fame. We are fearful that Don Offler may succumb to his serious illness in Royal Adelaide as all is not well.

Convid-20 Door Prize. Packets of hose lubricant courtesy of Repco Australia , suitably identified with coloured stickers were handed out , 40 in total however some members actually took them to their cars and were bewildered when prizes were handed out. Now you don’t have to be an ex motor cycle copper to work out who I am talking about.

Anyway our Laurie Foody surpassed Doc Whyatt with a comment that would make the ladies blush with sheer embarrassment suggesting that the hose lubricant would be useful for something else ! See the older you get (90) the bolder you become, however I will let Repco know , potential medical use product on their shelves.

First prize went to Maurice Linehan. Mozza was overcome with excitement receiving a nine pack of soft toilet paper rolls, a rare commodity indeed given Covid-19 panic buying in Blackwood supermarkets. Others received masks from Mitre 10, nearly as good as those from National Pharmacies, but far more robust and useful in the garage and garden eh,Dean & Anne Hosking.

The cat, the rug & the TF. Did you see the Davies ginger cat spread out on the rug over the tonneau on the TF ? Talk about cats having masters, this was a classic case of cat exploitation over its benevolent owners surely.

General Business. Andrew Bate still looking for seat runners for the TF , wants to unbolt the seats from the floor at last. Not much joy but Reg O’Malley has a solution that is far more palatable suggesting those from a B Type will suit, brilliant Reg, a useful contribution at last , pity that you are still moaning about the record breaking register last month with 29 T Types at Auldy’s .

Geoff Glasson had the floor for ages, his work on the bar badges for the Register is outstanding and orders are flooding in. Congratulations Geoff , Judy and Mozza on a great initiative for the register.
TD McNabb will surely be proud with another on the badge bar for sure, I hesitate to mention that the air flow will now be severely restricted on the TD that we will need a whip around for a Moss aftermarket electric fan.

Geoff has been so excited by the design of the badge that he has branched out into polo shirts with the badge embossed on the left. Mozza decidedly annoyed as he failed to “register “ the patent.

Breaking news, Neville Daniel has rejoined the club as his special project the Buchanan MG Special is almost finished. Neville was a former Register Secretary and did a great deal for us back then.

AC Pearson .com ( In god we trust, all others pay cash) gave the Phillip Island report on behalf of the reformed “Bad Boys” , patron for the event was Larry Perkins who the boys met and were thrilled with his friendly demure. Notable was the great numbers of cars competing, several TC Specials including the shortened Ohlmeyer chassis TC. John Gillet owner of the ex Bradey K3 and driving the TC Special performed well and was a welcome guest under the gazebo after racing , red wine lubricant of course.
Mozza’s first visit to Phillip Island, he was literally “blown away” with the circuit and like all of us felt the force of the wind coming off the ocean (Bass Straight) as it does consistently.

Ever the new boy, Mozza got BOTR into huge trouble sending me into Coles to get onions for the Saturday night barbecue, not the done thing when Chef Driver had it covered under his watch. Please do not mention onions to Mozza far too embarrassing.

Bob Schapel is a decent bloke, very caring and understanding of the male management of the toilet seat at home, leave it up he says ! No ” her indoors” here to chastise anyone while we are staying in the holiday rental here at Cowes.
Rusell Garth, not here but recovering from surgery to his throat, tonsils out etc, he is all good but chose not to come as he feared that he would be heard over the normal din and side chatter.

Next meeting. CANCELLED, coronavirus Convid-19 protocols to be adhered to dictates that there cannot be a meeting held, we will not be meeting at this stage until after 30 May .

Thanks so much for your support, we will catch up later in the year once the Convid-19 is over.
Cheers, BOTR


5 March 2020
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