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T Register Meeting – February 2020

6 February 2020

Pre-war & T – Register Report

The Garage of Earthly Delights , Peter & Christine Auld, Torrens Park

Visiting the wonder world that is Peter’s pride and joy, was a full house contingent of Register members on Thursday 6 February, more than 70 in total, however 69 legitimately signed in the record book on the night.

Peter & Christine adequately prepared for the onslaught with a liberal array of chairs and cardboard oil catchers for the numerous T Type MG’s filling the driveway. Yes, a marvellous garage, pristine floor and the wonder of all, the single stem car hoist, the envy of most of us car buffs.

Judy & Peter Wallace, Trevor Driver, Garry Chapman, Graham Brown, Gordon Brice. Two on the sick list, Michael Lyons & Stan Shephard.

Reg O’Malley rolls over
Yes finally the record attendance of Register vehicles at a meeting of the club in living memory has been smashed . We did come close last month at Artfur’s West Lakes with 27, the new total is now 29 which consisted of 8 TC’s, 9 TD’s 8 TF’s 2 Y ‘s and 2 Prewar. Could have been a lot more if Ken Fisher , Leigh Richter & Chris Bennett had been able to get their cars up. There you go Reg, records are for the breaking.

The Oscars 
Yes it was the awards meeting , the Irving Cup and other “special” mentions. The “Oscar” was returned by the 2018 recipient Bob Schapel to be presented to last year’s worthy member who qualified with the most attendances at club and register meetings in his (being male) register vehicle. And the winner is Maurice Linehan on 18 points , followed by Arthur Ruddiger 16, Thane
Martino 14 as the major placegetters. Congratulations Mozza, a marvellous effort, 18 visits with the hood up Mozza’s acceptance speech was not audible and I have no idea what he said.
Placegetters. Notable were: 13 Buckley, 12 Golding, Auld. 11 Glasson, Garth, Loader and a heap of others below the poverty line.

Register awards 
PDF ‘s went to messers Hosking and Buckley for their failure to sign the register book losing valuable points. PDF, yes Please Don’t Forget. The “He who has most signs wins “ award went to Paul Doc Dallwitz who has a plethora of signs of all descriptions in his garage, a new “Man Cave” metal sign was added to his collection from the register. Most travelled award. Brian Golding , 12 meetings in the TC from Murray Bridge a total of 1776 Kilometres travelled in 2019, followed closely by David Herbert , 5 meetings from Mt Gambier, 2170 K’s however not much rubber touched the road as he piloted his own plane  up and back, the TC safely tucked away at home, sorry David not eligible this time.

CFS donations
The register contributed $103.65 towards the CFS bushfire appeal and it was presented to the Cherry Gardens Brigade , thankyou to those who contributed.

General Business
Briefly Willow Willington looking for Radial Tyres suitable for TF, Ian Hobbs with new book signed by the author (upstaged Buckley) on MG TC’s, Chris Kinney asking about wire wheels, Peter Auld on the MGCCSA website renewal (please be patient) it will be good eventually maybe April 2020. Also the single post hoist was explained in detail. President Tim Edmonds announced that the National Meeting of MG would be held in Mt Gambier in 2021, details to come soon. Much enthusiasm for a Register meeting there at David Herbert’s winery maybe, if not a viable wine tasting.

Recent acquisitions
Paul Dallwitz has at last fulfilled his dream of overcrowding the back yard at Unley with MG’s, yes purchased a TF which once belonged to Peter Auld. No other additions reported officially, only rumours abound, just saying. Viral video. Well what was promoted as a great idea to video all the cars at the meeting nearly made it to You Tube, however a quick thinking Russell contemplated the aftermath of legal litigation from disgruntled spouses, mistresses and girlfriends and so pulled the pin on the affair. What a wise decision grasshopper.

All MG Day
16 February, Glenelg , promoted by the club to all owners of MG’s.

Next meeting
March 12, Hallett Cove, John Davies. Moved forward a week as I and others away interstate at Phillip Island race meeting. 

April 2 , Littlehampton, Ray & Liz Finch. More details to come, I did not have correct
suburb published last month.

Great to see so many at the meetings of late, thankyou for your support to the Register.
Safety fast , remember to sign the book.


6 February 2020
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