MGB Tips – V8 Brake Pads:

4-cylinder MGB – Brake Upgrade

The MGB GT V8 brake pads have roughly a 15% larger area of pad material than the 4-cylinder MGB. Also, the cost is roughly just 15% more for the V8 pads.

The good news is that the V8 pads fit into the 4-cylinder brake calipers and offer a greater friction area acting on the brake disc.

Of course, they have a larger Backing Plate and also the Plate has a slightly different shape to the 4-cylinder brake pads, but I’ve been using them successfully in my MGBs for over 30 years.

The only trick when fitting the V8 pads, is to note that they’re handed. Not left wheel to right wheel but inside the brake disc to outside the brake disc, in the calipers on both sides of the car.

The Backing Plates have a smooth, curve on one side and a projection jutting out from the radius on the other side. (See photos) All of the MGB GT V8 brake pads must be fitted into the 4-cylinder caliper with the smooth curve sides of the Backing Plates aligned towards the ground and the sides with the bumps pointing upwards.

Also, these pads should not be used on discs that have wear marks from 4-cylinder pads, or discs that have corrosion on them. The larger V8 brake pads won’t sit evenly against the disc in these situations. MGB brake discs aren’t expensive and should be replaced if corrosion and/or excessive wear is present anyway.

That’s it, nothing to it, an easy way to improve the braking performance of your 4-cylinder MGB without expensive upgrade kits or altering the appearance of your car.

Note that this tip is not going to give your MGB the braking performance of a modern car and you may not “feel” the difference while driving but any little improvement has got to be welcomed, especially for such a cheap and simple upgrade that can be made when you next need to change your brake pads anyway.