MGB Technical Evening

On Tuesday the 30th of March, I’ll be holding my first MGB Technical Evening at the MGCC clubrooms commencing at 7pm. Bev has kindly offered to open the bar on the night.

The theme of this event will be an owner’s, brake safety inspection for their MGs.

This demonstration is not going to be about servicing or repairs to your brake system but for owners to make their own checks, to discover any possible issues in between the car’s regular services.

I’ll be discussing and demonstrating the points listed in my February club magazine article, with the intention that all of those present get a close look at what is being discussed. Due to the nature of this topic, “getting a close look” will involve getting under a jacked up (and supported) MGB, for those who wish to.

To make close-up viewing easier, I’ll try to display an image of what’s being discussed through my engine bore-scope onto the screen of a computer tablet.

Please make sure to register your intention to attend by contacting me at

I’d like to have a volunteer to offer the use of their MGB as a demonstration model. (For simplicity on the night, I’d prefer a disc wheel, single brake line model MGB). This will be a good opportunity for a club member to benefit from the inspection, which will also include additional, more in depth checks. Please let me know ASAP if you’re interested.