MGC News – September 2020

MGC News – September 2020

MGC conversations with Richard Mixture, September 2020

Buying in COVID Times

Hello, it’s Richard here again.

Ever thought of buying an MGCOVID-19 in 2020? Well there are some about. I guess people with cash to buy an MGC will be looking for a bargain from a quick sale. Generally, there is not a lot of MGCs on the market, but there are probably less buyers than cars so the buyer can be a bit picky in finding one that suits their ego. You know what I mean, colour? red, wire wheels? chrome etc. There are a couple of CGTs that have been on the market for a little while that are worth a look.

There’s a Primrose GT in Victoria for $35,000 and a Mineral Blue GT in Queensland for $32,500. Hmmm Victoria??? Let’s go to Queensland. This MGC is an English car that was restored in about 2015 and with a number plate that says MGC001, it looks like a C00L MG. The GT south of the border is an imported NA, GT that was restored in the mid nighties. While not as clean as the Qld GT, it would probably still be a nice MGC.

There’s another Victorian GT in Mineral Blue for $35,000. It’s a clean tidy English GT, but the location is a bit of a problem.

Here’s a bargain, I think. This “rare ’69 MGC roadster” is available from Bonnells Bay, NSW for $19,500. It is missing a few bits like paint, upholstery, carpet, brakes, although, a very large box of bits comes with this left hooker. A bargain? Hmm, maybe not.

Classic Trader has 19 MGCs to choose from all over Europe. Inspecting them might be a bit problematic at the moment though.

€40,000 or AUD65,504 will buy a well-worn roadster with a nice paint job from Roma, Italy. €26,900 or AUD44,051 will buy a tidy black GT in Kassel, Deutschland. You could pick up a bargain NA lightweight GT from Leek, Netherlands, no not those Netherlands down there. It only has 33,363 miles on the clock and only needs a small amount of work to cover the holes all over the body, new, new everything else. Some might call this car a basket case, but I think a basket has less holes than this MGC. €7,900 or AUD12,937.

The same dealer in them there Netherlands has a very clean GT for €24,900 or AUD40,776, or choose a blue GT for €6,900 or AUD11,299, completish but well worn, with the steering wheel on the right side of the car.

A lovely English roadster in Mineral Blue is available in Jersey, UK, for GBP24,950 or AUD47,803. This C looks very drivable and enjoyable. Another lovely English roadster can be bought for GBP24,750 or AUD45,401, from Bicester, UK.

In March this year a 1968 GT was offered at the US “Bring-a-Trailer Auction”. It was a nice, usable green GT that reached the dizzy heights of USD9,000 (AUD12,640) but failed to reach the reserve. Last year US MGCs ranged from $12,000 to $24,000 (AUD16,840 to 33,690).

Back here in South Oz, there are a couple of nice MGC GTs for sale and I think they are the pick of the bunch, and yes that’s right, in our own back yard, well, maybe not in your back yard.

Mal Millard is selling his rather nice 1969 MGC, #5459G, for only $27,250. He describes it as a “US import in the 70s and converted to RHD. Repainted and restored in 2008-9, engine rebuild at 26K Miles, done 14K since. Lots spent then and since, came to SA in 2011, I have owned it since 2015.

Great little club car we have had a very enjoyable ownership. A dicky hip making entry and exit troublesome plus the navigator has requested air-cond, so it is time to move on. Heritage Cert. + Workshop Manual, the car is on SA club rego, not transferable.” This MGC was owned by a Car Club member before Mal’s purchase.

Another option is to take drive to Strathalbyn and have a look at the 1969 CGT, # 5623G, at Collectable Classics for $26,999. This lovely GT is owned by Wayne and Geraldine Hough who says it goes like clockwork. No, it doesn’t made noises like a Cuckoo Clock but runs like a smooth-running clock just like every MGC should do. Oh, and it’s the right colour too, red.


Do they say that these days? Anyway, both MGCs have new custodians.

Remember ladies and gentlemen keep ‘em tuned and stay well, stay very well!

Mal Millard’s beautiful silver MGC GT would make wonderful edition to anyone’s garage.

Mal Millard’s MGC GT Engine Bay

Wayne and Geraldine Hough’s lovely MGC GT is smooth in every sense of the word and it’s the right colour too.