MGF & Modern MG`s Update

The MGF & Modern Mg`s Register held a Technical Evening on Suspensions at the Clubroom on Friday August 20th .It was attended by some 18 Register Members and also provided some distraction to some other members attending the regular ” Noggin & Natter ” session .

  • The session covered : A Summary of what`s on offer these days – and a bit of history ; what is happening for the MG3 and the MGZT(SUV) ; a close look at the latest iteration of a coil/over conversion ( a Mike Satur FCCKit ) for the previous Hydragas equipment on an MGF ( with wheels off Dick Manning Trophy displayed as an example ; an overview of David George experience with the VHS Bilstein shocks setup that was originally intended for the MGFTF but not fitted; comments on the problems presented options by early ‘ springs in a can ‘ options for MGFs , provided by prospective Club member Simon Pearce ; and finally , a look at the last system from MG Rover 2005 soft ride ( plus what the video fails to tell you .
excellent example of the new suspenion

Looking ahead , the Register will be holding its ‘ Late Winter Run ‘ ( a month into Spring ) on Tuesday September 28th ( see whats on ) and another Technical Evening , is proposed for Friday October 20th with a live demonstration of a K Series head-gasket and timing belt replacement . All Club members are welcome at both Events