Annual Cecil Kimber Run

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Cecil Kimber (12 April 1888 – 4 February 1945) was a motor car designer, best known for his role in being the driving force behind the M.G. Car Company.

Cecil Kimber started in 1921 as a Sales Manager with Morris Garages and while at Morris Garages he developed a range of special bodies for Morris cars.

These were sold under the MG brand, eventually leading in 1928 to the founding of The M.G. Car Company specialising in the production of MG sports cars.

The new company moved from Oxford to Abingdon in 1929 and Kimber became managing director in July 1930. The main shareholder remained William Morris himself and in 1935 he formally sold M.G. to Morris Motors which meant Kimber was no longer in sole control and had to take instructions from head office leading to him becoming increasingly disillusioned with his role.

With the outbreak of World War II, car production stopped and at first M.G. was reduced to making basic items for the armed forces until Kimber obtained contract work on aircraft but this was done without first obtaining approval and he was asked to resign and left in 1941.