It should have been easy to move my report from the magazine to this format – not so. I have spent a lot of time dragging word docs, turning the report into a PDF and nothing. More instruction required, so I decided it would be easier to retype here.

Firstly, I have to amend the details of Don Finlay’s MGA (see last report). It is Iris Blue, NOT Irish Blue. It might be time for me to get the hearing test that I keep getting phone calls about. Sorry Don. Of course, if I had given any thought to the matter, any paint colour with Irish in it would have been green!!

We had 12 members present and apologies from John van Velzen, Trev and Sandy Dicker, Karen and Murray Stephenson, Geoff Short, De Denny (on the sick list), Dennise Micklem and Geoff Goode. Six MGA’s were in the carpark, along with Ken Burke’s Magnette, an Audi, a Ford and the Algate’s new Jaguar (SUV from memory).

Mick Mitolo drove his recently acquired red MGA to the meeting and it was given the once over in the back verandah. Mick bought the car from Wayne Carter, although, Wayne is listed on the vehicle register as P Carter. Mick has previously owned an MGA (white) and has been looking for a replacement for some time. Mick sold his white MGA to Ian and Marie Baum, who then sold it to Dean Hosking. Dean then sold the car to Ross Treadwell.

We had a sausage sizzle before our meeting. I would like to thank Velli Algate for her help cooking the snags and onions. I think we did an OK job. Alan was manning the bar, so he could not cook. Good thing really, as cooking a barbie is not Alan’s forte. The bbq expert, Dick Manning, was horrified when I thought I would omit onions. Can’t have a bbq without onion said Dick, and he was right. Thanks for the advice Dick.

Members who attended were – Arthur Ruediger, Ken Burke, Graham Evans, Ian Denny, Allan Semmler, Nick Micklem, Mick Mitolo, Don Finlay, Velli and Gary Algate and Alan and myself.

Sandra A Cardnell, MGA/Magnette Register Secretary

Mick Mitolo’s newest acquisition
Mick Mitolo and Don Finlay
Velli, centre of attention at the barbeque