Notes from the MGA/Magnette Meeting January 2021

It was a sparse meeting, Covid 19 is surely playing a part in attendances at the moment. For that reason, the next meeting will also be held at the clubrooms on 19 March 2021 from 7 pm. It is now possible to drink standing up, but food must be consumed seated at a table. We are permitted a total of 60 persons in the clubrooms, but we must use the Covid-Safe check in on your iphone (or other type).

Our end of year lunch/dinner will be held on Sunday 5th December 2021. In the meantime, anyone interested in hosting a register meeting in May, July, September or November 2021 please contact me at

We welcomed a new MGA owner, Don Findlay, to the Register. Don bought his MGA in Sydney where it had been stored for some time. It was previously owned by a member of the Geelong MGCC where it was a trophy winner at a concours. Its colour is Irish Blue and I have (hopefully) attached photos.

A current member of the Car Club is also a proud new owner of an MGA. Mick Mitolo and Philomena attended the Marque Sports Car Association presentation at Virgara Wines in their very nice red roadster.

We discussed an MGA/Magnette Register Shirt and I will try to bring a couple of samples to the next meeting.

Members attending were Ken Burke, Graham Evans, Nick Micklem, Ian Denny, Arthur Ruediger, Alan Semmler, Don Findlay and Alan and myself.

Sandra A Cardnell, Register Secretary

Don Findlay with his MGA