Club Registration for Historic Vehicles


Whilst the current COVID-19 restrictions remain in force, including the rather rigorous hygiene requirements for members’ visits to the clubrooms, the Club Registration business associated with the issuance of MR334 forms (for registration of historic vehicles, transfer of ownership, etc.) will continue to be conducted by Arthur Ruediger, Rodger Polkinghorne and myself strictly by appointment, until further notice, at the clubrooms on Saturday mornings, from mid October to mid December.

Our contact details are:

Arthur: 0417 843 164
Rodger: 0416 151 295
Geoff : 0408 800 468.

All business associated with paying subscriptions, updating or replacing log books, will be conducted by post this year. Please include your log book/s for updating or replacement, your blue registration papers (or registration payment receipt) and a stamped, self addressed envelope. As well, include the invoice with the cheque or credit card details. If paying by BSB, make sure you include your name and membership number in the payment transaction..

As log books can only cover three consecutive years from the date of issue, all log books issued before 2019, must be replaced for year 2021. In the Club Membership Record, the Membership Year 1 will show a Commencement Date of 01/01/2018 and the “Replace Log Book” entry at the top of the front cover will show a date earlier than 31/12/21 (in red ink).

Please ensure to add $5 to you payment for each new log book that you require. Most important and urgent, please notify the Secretary of any change to your address or phone number over the last 12 months before the Club posts out the annual subscription invoices in early October. Please don’t hesitate to ring me if any of the above is unclear to you or if you have any problems in meeting this change in practice.

As a reminder for all of us using our historic cars, I thought it might be worthwhile re-iterating some Q & A regarding the Club Registration’s Code of Practice:-

Q: Can the vehicle be driven into the street for the purposes of moving other vehicles around without filling out the log book?  A: The answer now is yes.  All vehicles on Club Registration can be moved up to 500 metres as they are now covered by the “extension” allowance.

Q: How does one count out the ninety days maximum usage?  A: The answer is from the start to the end of the current one year of registration.

Q: If seat belts are fitted, do they have to be used?  A: The answer, covered extensively in my previous note, is yes.  Children under seven have to be secured in an approved child restraint.

Q: Can the “new” registration details be filled in by the owner during the year when registration is renewed?  A: Yes, as the owner you are expected to amend the current Membership Year details in your log book.

Q: What happens if you miss a year in seeing us for a log book update, say for instance your vehicle is “off the road”?  A: A log book is issued for a consecutive three year period.  Therefore, we still count that missing year so you may need a log book replacement sooner than you think.

Q: Are there to be any more three year inspections and an annual Stat. Dec. to be filled out and recorded by our club?  A: No, I think almost everyone now knows this onerous aspect of the Code has gone.

Q: What happens if a journey carries over midnight before the destination is reached, does the log book have show another entry for another day?  A: The answer is yes.  You have to stop and fill your log book for another day as a day’s journey is from midnight to midnight only.  I hope that’s clear.

Q: What if another driver takes over during a journey?  A: You do not have to fill in another line with the new driver’s signature.  Previous notification was incorrect according to DPTI.  The new log books will leave the word “driver” out of the column, only “signature” will be shown.

Q: Can anyone drive your car?  A: Any driver with a valid current driver’s licence can drive so long as they fill in the details of the journey and sign the log book.

Q: What are the minimum conditions of compliance that must be observed to meet the Code’s requirements?  A: You must be a financial member of the club at all times, you can only have one current log book per historic vehicle, the log book must show the current financial year has been signed off by one of our inspectors, your vehicle registration must be current, the driver must hold a current drivers licence and the vehicle has not exceeded ninety days of usage.

There may be more questions that you have, if so, feel free to contact me (see page 3 of this magazine) and I will add them to the next note I send out so all members are kept better informed.

Geoff Goode

Conditions of Use of Scheme Vehicles – Duties of Vehicle Owners

3.5 In accordance with the Regulations and this Code, the owners of vehicles must abide by the following conditions when operating Scheme registered vehicles. They must:

• Maintain a financial membership of a recognised motor vehicle club at all times;

• Not drive their conditionally registered vehicles on a road or road related area more than 90 days in each period of 12 months registration;

• Not drive their conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area unless they have completed the nominated journey in the log book (the log book must be in the format approved by the Registrar for the Scheme) prior to commencement of the journey;

• Carry the conditionally registered vehicle’s log book in the vehicle while driving on a road or road related area and produce the log book for inspection on request made by a police officer or authorised officer under the Act;

• Not drive, or allow anyone else to drive, the conditionally registered vehicle on the road for fee, hire or reward;

• Not drive the conditionally registered vehicle on a road or road related area if it does not comply with this Code;

• Not have more than one current log book for any vehicle;

• While driving on the road or road related area, carry the appropriate vehicle exemption documentation that permits the registration and use of a historic (where applicable), left hand drive or street rod vehicle on roadways;

• Present their vehicles for an inspection upon the request of the club or the Registrar;

• Cancel the conditional registration of the vehicle when a change of ownership of a conditionally registered vehicle occurs or when they are no longer a financial member of a club. The log book issued for the vehicles must be returned to the issuing club for cancellation.

Vehicle Owners’ Log Book Requirements, Maintaining Club Membership and Other Conditions

3.6 – Vehicle owners must ensure records for each journey undertaken in a conditionally registered vehicle are listed in the log book issued by the recognised motor vehicle club. The date of the journey and a brief description of the journey must be recorded before each journey commences.

3.7 – A journey for the purposes of log book recording may consist of one or more separate trips. However a journey the commences at 10.00pm on a particular day and finishes at 2.00am the next day constitutes two calendar days as each day commences at midnight, two separate days use must be recorded in the log book.

3.8 – A ‘journey’ for the purposes of the Scheme does not include driving the vehicle for short distances (within 500 metres) for the purpose of relocating the vehicle from one part of a property to another, or enabling another vehicle to gain access to a road or property.

3.9 – Vehicle owners who change membership from one recognised motor vehicle club to another, must return the log book issued in respect of the vehicle to the issuing club. A new MR334 Scheme application form must be issued by the new club’s authorised person before a new log book can be issued by the new club.

3.10 – If a vehicle owner ceases to be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club at any time during which the vehicle is registered, the vehicle owner must not drive the vehicle or allow any other person to drive the vehicle until such time that the vehicle owner is again a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club or has taken out standard registration.

Renewal of Registration, No transfer

4.8 – An application to renew the registration will not require further approval from the recognised motor vehicle club.  However, the applicant/owner must continue to be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club and, once renewal is paid, ensure that the current period of registration is entered in the log book.

4.10 – The registration of a conditionally registered vehicle cannot be transferred to another owner, even if the new owner is also eligible for conditional registration.  When a change of ownership occurs, the registration will be cancelled.  The log book issued in respect of the vehicle must be cancelled by the issuing club.

4.11 – The registered owner of a conditionally registered vehicle may apply to cancel the registration at any time.  The log book issued in respect of the vehicle must be cancelled by the issuing club.