About Us

About the MGCCSA

The MG Car Club of South Australia has its clubrooms at 93 Chief Street Brompton. The Club was established in 1956 and has approximately 950 members.

Our Aim is to promote the sport and pastime of motoring in all its branches and, in particular, to further the interest of owners and drivers of MG cars, including the preservation and conservation of the marque.

It is not a pre-requisite to own an MG, but you will find that most of our members own an MG of some description whether it be a currently registered vehicle, an historic registered vehicle, a restoration project or a prize winning concours car that only comes out occasionally.

Some own two or three (or more) cars whilst others are looking to purchase. Some prefer pre-war vehicles, others like the MGB and some prefer the modern day Rover MGF TF or Z range. The Club has a variety of cars and members from all walks of life. The Club maintains registers of vehicles owned by its members.

How we began

One morning, Malcolm Caire met Ron Williams and Bob Brown in his office at Motors Limited, to discuss the formation of an MG Car Club. The inaugural meeting was advertised for 10th April 1956, at the Kinsway Building. Over 100 people turned up and voted to form the new club.

Bob Brown was voted in as the first President, with Ron Williams as Secretary and Donn Shinners as Assistant Secretary. Inaugural Patron Charles Ellis wished the Club success and cautioned against the formation of cliques that would mar the promotion of club spirit and camaraderie.

It was then decided to meet again in a month’s time – the second Tuesday of the month which continues to this day. (Extract from Barry Bahnisch’s book “Marque of Respect” published for the 50th Anniversary of the MG Car Club of South Australia – in 2006. An Honour Board, in our clubroom at Brompton, lists the names of the Inaugural Committee.

One of the founding members of the committee, Ian Curwen-Walker passed away recently and was the last of the original Committee members. In early 1973, the Club began negotiations to acquire our own clubrooms and thanks to the foresight of those pioneering members, the MGCCSA continues to prosper in its current location at Brompton.<

Annual Awards

Each calendar year Annual awards are presented to members based on their attendance and participation at Club events.

The winners are determined from records of attendance at Club events so please ensure that you write your name in the attendance book at each of the events.