MGF & Modern MGs

MGF & Modern MGs

Haydn Reynolds – Register Secretary

Contact details: 0418 802 410 or

The next run is the Very Late Summer/April Fools Run on Sunday 21st April 2024.  Starting from the Gully Hotel, 1349 North East Road, Tea Tree Gully Arrive at 10.15am or earlier for a coffee.

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Report: The MGF & Modern MGs NQABE* Run on Sunday February 11th 2024

MGF & Modern MGs: Not Quite All British Enough (NQABE) Run 11/02/2024
(Words Haydn Reynolds, Pictures David McNabb – except the obvious one!)
The reasoning (excuse) behind the Run was to provide an alternate event for Member’s vehicles that could not attend the (at the time of writing) upcoming All British Day (ABD). While most of the cars that took part were, in fact, eligible to attend ABD, their participation was seen as solidarity with those that could not.
In establishing the course for the NQABE, attention was given to both the “British” and the “Not Quite” aspects. Now, the quintessential British Car Run, has to be the London to Brighton Rally. And it should be noted that it is to the seaside, not some nice sporting ground in the Cotswold Hills. To keep in character, the NQABE Run commenced in London Road (Mile End, so not quite London) and travelled 75km via Balhannah to Seacliff (so, not quite Brighton). Full Report

*(Not Quite All British Enough – to reflect that newer MGs can’t attend All British Day!!)

MGF & Moderns MGs Centenary Run to Lobethal for Lunch

Run Report and Photos

The MGF/Modern MGs group is dedicated to those who own drive MGs of the ‘modern’ era (MGs after 1995).

Models includes the MG-Rover era models (F, TF, ZR, ZS, ZT) and modern (MG3, MG6, GS, HS, & ZS), and will be open to the forthcoming MG4 and MG-C models.

The “F” Register was formed by Tony Hick who was a long-time member of MGCC of SA. Tony bought a new MGF when they were released in 1997.

The Tony Hick Trophy was introduced in his memory to be presented each year for attendance to meetings and some selected events.

MGF & MODERN MGs – points system for awarding The Tony Hick Trophy (Jan 2019)

Point given for attending monthly meeting in a register vehicle.
Point given for attending a register meeting in a register vehicle.
Point given for attending a register run in a register vehicle.
In the event of tied scores all winners will be recognised.

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