Our Secretary is Bev Waters and her contact details are:

Phone: 0402 262 156

MSCA Super Sprint
MGCCSA is a member of the Marque Sports Car Association of SA and a number of our members have regularly competed at Mallala Super Sprints.

The MSCA philosophy has always been to keep these events as cheap as possible and to run them as well as we can. They are currently the cheapest Super Sprint in the country despite regular increases in track hire fees, ambulance, recovery, etc and, in some circles, are considered the best run club level events.

Numbers over recent years have dwindled and for the past two years events have generally been run at break even or a loss which is a concern to the MSCA and may mean an increase in entry fees.

As the MGCC MSCA delegate I would be interested to hear from members about their thoughts on the Super Sprints. Whether you are a current, former or would-be competitor your feedback would be appreciated. I know we lost a few competitors when roll bars became mandatory but what else keeps you away, keeps you coming or could be done to make the experience better?

Please contact Murray on 0419 565 970 or email

Designed to test the skill and judgment of the driver and the general maneuverability of the car. The event, held at the Big W complex at Monarto, comprises of a number of manoeuvering tests set out on an open area eg, a car park. On arrival competitors are given a copy of the nominated tests, and the competitors compete one at a time and are required to negotiate the test by the correct method in the fastest possible time.