Motorsport 2023


Our Secretary is Jason Edwards
Phone: 0424 410 648

Our Assistant Secretary is Bev Waters
Phone: 0402 262 156




Motorsport evening Friday September 22nd

On this evening we will have two former State Rally Champions to be interviewed about their motorsport careers. What sparked their interest, how they started and their successes. They are our retiring Patron, Ed Ordynsky and well known club member and competitor, Dick Manning.
Many of us know about Ed Ordynsky’s later career as a professional driver but not how it all began. Dick says he has many stories to tell about Ed but also the reverse could happen when Ed interviews Dick. We all know what a reluctant person Dick is to talk about his career but we are sure Ed will get the stories right.

So we would love to see a full house at the club on the night, be it members and or their friends. Start time will be around 6.30 pm, supper will be served and the bar will be open.

Looking forward to a fun night.
Neil Williams

MGF & MG TF competitors - Time to Check your boots!

On Sunday 7 May 2023, a number of MGCC SA members were competing in the Peter Hall Memorial 6-hour Regularity Relay at Mallala. Trevor Dunford was racing his MGF, when it suddenly caught fire. I subsequently lent him my MGF to him do some more laps but, a short while later, I saw smoke coming from the engine bay of my car too. I called Trevor in and we later noticed that the driver’s side drive shaft boot on my car had a small nick in it, which had resulted in grease being flung around the engine bay and landing on the exhaust. A closer inspection of Trevor’s car identified the same drive shaft boot on his car had been burnt, suggesting the fire had caught hold on the drive shaft grease.

These two incidents suggest It might be time to check the drive shaft boots on MGFs for ‘dampness’ suggestive of a damaged boot. On both occasions at Mallala, the smoke was not evident to the driver.

Submitted by John Illingworth 0497 195 055


2023 MGCC Motorsport Calendar of Events

  Date Event Venue
* Friday February 3rd 2022 Motorsport Volunteers Appreciation, Award Presentation and BBQ MGCCSA, Brompton
* Friday February 17th How to Prepare Your Car for the Track and General Maintenance MGCCSA, Brompton
* Sunday February 26th MSCA Picnic and Display Day & Trophy Presentation Virgara Winery, Angle Vale
** Sunday March 12th MSCASA Super Sprint, Round 1 Mallala Motorsport Park
** Sunday March 19th SA Motorkhana Championship, Round 1 Skidpan, Mallala
** Sunday April 2nd Challenge Trophy Hill Climb, round 1 Collingrove Hill Climb, Mount McKenzie
  Saturday April 8th National Meeting, Concours Wigley Reserve, Glenelg
* Sunday April 9th National Meeting, Kimber Run Adelaide Hills
** Sunday April 9th National Meeting, Motorkhana The Bend Motorsport Park
* Monday April 10th National Meeting, Social Run Adelaide Hills
* Monday April 10th National Meeting, Observation Run Adelaide Hills
** Monday April 10th National Meeting, Super Sprint The Bend Motorsport Park
* SundayMay 7th Peter Hall Memorial Six Hour Regularity Mallala Motorsport Park
** Sunday May 7th Challenge Trophy Hill Climb, Round 2 Collingrove Hillclimb, Mount McKenzie
** Sunday May 28th SA Motorkhana Championship, Round 2 Skidpan, Mallala
  Saturday – Sunday June 11-12th MG Club Challenge, SA v Vic Victoria
** Sunday June 25th MSCA Super Sprint, Round 2 The Bend Motorsport Park, West circuit
** Sunday June 25 Challenge Trophy Hill Climb, Round 3 Collingrove Hillclimb, Mount McKenzie
** Sunday July 16th SA Motorkhana Championship, Round 3 Mallala Skidpan
** Sunday August 13th MSCA Super Sprint, Round 3 Mallala Motorsport Park
** Sunday September 17th SA Motorkhana Championship, Round 4 Mount Gambier Sale Yards
** Saturday September 30th MSCA Super Sprint, Round 4 The Bend Motorsport Park, East Circuit
** Sunday October 15th SA Motorkhana Championship, Round 5 Mallala Skidpan
** Sunday October 15th Challenge Trophy Hill Climb, Round 4 Collingrove Hillclimb, Mount McKenzie
** Sunday October 29th MSCA Super Sprint, Round 5 Mallala Motorsport Park

** Indicates points allocated for Club Member of the Year and MG Car Club Competition Championship – Best 10 results.

* Indicates points allocated for Club Member of the Year award.


2023 – Other Motorsport Calendar Dates that may interest you.

Date Event Venue
Saturday March 18th SCCSA State Motor Racing Championship, Round 1 Mallala Motorsport Park
Saturday – Sunday March 25th – 26th Adelaide Motorsport Festival Adelaide
Thursday – Sunday March 30th – April 2nd F1 Grand Prix Melbourne
Sunday April 16th Ray Pank Winter Cup Hill CLimb, Round 1 Collingrove Hill Climb, Mount McKenzie
Friday – Sunday March 12th – 14th tbc Mount Alma Hill Climb Inman Valley, SA
Saturday – Sunday May 27th – 28th SCCSA Motor Racing Championship, Round 2 The Bend Motorsport Park
Sunday June 4th MSCA Victoria Super Sprint The Bend Motorsport Park
Sunday June 11th Ray Pank Winter Cup Hill Climb, Round 2 Collingrove Hill Climb, Mount McKenzie
Sunday July 23rd Ray Pank Winter Cup Hill Climb, Round 3 Collingrove Hill Climb, Mount McKenzie
Saturday – Sunday July 8th – 9th SCCSA Motor Racing Championship, Round 3 Mallala Motorport Park
Friday – Sunday August 18th – 20th Supercars, OTR Super Sprint The Bend Motorsport Park
Sunday August 20th Ray Pank Winter Cup Hill Climb, Round 4 The Bend Motorsport Park
Saturday – September 16th – 17th SCCSA State Motor Racing Championship, Round 4 The Bend Motorsport Park
Sunday October 1st Barossa Vintage Hill Climb Collingrove Hillclimb, Mount McKenzie
Friday – Sunday October 13th – 15th ARC Adelaide Hills Rally Adelaide and surrounds
Saturday – Sunday October 28th – 29th SA Hill Climb Championship Collingrove Hill Climb, Mount McKenzie
Friday – Sunday November 10th – 12th Legends of the Lake Hill Climb Mount Gambier
Friday – Sunday November 17th – 19th Shannons Adelaide Rally Adelaide and surrounds
Thursday – Sunday November 23rd – 26th Supercars, Valo Adelaide 500 Adelaide



MG Car Clubs in Australia and worldwide have played a key part in motorsport since the beginnings of the clubs and the MG Car Club of South Australia is no exception.

Members are actively involved in all levels of the sport as competitors and officials. The MG Car Club of SA nominates a number of events each year where members can score points towards the Club Motorsport Championship.

These are mostly events run by other clubs and MGCCSA contributes officials to some of these events. The Championship also includes the National Meeting and the SA/Vic Interstate Club Challenge.

Links to Motorsport pages:

Motorsport Australia
MSCA (Marque Sports Car Association)
SCCSA (Sporting Car Club of SA)
Mallala Motorsport Park
The Bend Motorsport Park

Events generally fall into the following categories:

Motorkhanas are run on a flat surface where courses are laid out to test the skill and judgement of the driver and the manoeuvrability of the car. A number of tests are set at each event and generally you have two runs at each test.

On arrival competitors are given a copy of the nominated tests, cars are inspected for general safety and compliance and a brief practice session is provided. Cars are run one at a time against the clock and the course must be completed in the correct direction before coming to a stop in the finish garage.

Cars are grouped into classes according to their wheelbase, and include classes for specials and all wheel drive cars. MGCCSA runs one of the five rounds of the SA Motorkhana Championship series each year and there is normally a Come and Try entry available for newcomers.

It’s also a great place for young drivers who can compete from twelve years of age and learn basic car control skills. It’s great fun, challenging and a very sociable day while you compete and watch others.

The Skid Pan at Mallala is the current venue being used for Motorkhanas close to Adelaide.

A Hillclimb is a speed event, where one car and driver runs over a defined uphill winding course, from a standing start to a flying finish at the top of the hill, against the clock. In competition, cars are classified into categories so as to have cars of like potential performance competing against each other.

As with all motorsport events, the day starts with scrutineering of cars and a drivers’ briefing prior to competition starting.

Come and Try Hillclimb Events are also held during the year where newcomers can get a taste for the sport and test their skills in a non-competitive and fun environment.

Most Hillclimbs events in South Australia are run at Collingrove, a challenging track near Angaston, which has a long history in Australian motorsport.

The Sporting Car Club of SA run most Collingrove events and the MG Car Club use the three multi-club events each year as part of our Club Competition Championship.

Super Sprint
A Super Sprint involves a number of cars sprinting on a circuit at one time with each lap for each car individually timed. Cars are generally arranged in groups of similar performance and sent on track for either a standing or rolling start to complete a number of laps. It is not racing, as the cars are individually timed, but overtaking is permitted where safe.

It is an ideal introduction to circuit racing and can be entered with road going cars as well as modified vehicles. As with all motorsport, safety checks on vehicles are done before each event.

MGCCSA is a member club of the Marque Sports Car Association of SA (MSCA) which runs a series of Super Sprints and a Six Hour Relay each year. MSCA also run a Come and Try group at some Super Sprints to cater for newcomers where they are given classroom and in-car tuition by experienced competitors. Junior drivers can participate from the age of 14.

Mallala Motorsport Park is the most used venue by our club and ideal for club events. However as of 2018 a new Motorsport Park has been developed at Tailem Bend which is used occasionally .

Nothing happens without officials and MGCCSA members help out with these events and more. This can be as Scrutineers, Flag Marshals, Timing, Pit Marshals, Documentation, Race Control, etc.

Being an official allows you to be involved, enjoy the competition and help the sport to thrive at no cost to yourself. That involvement can develop from club level events to major events depending on your interest and available time.

Check the Club calendar, and come and have a look and get involved or contact the Motorsport Secretary or Assistant if you have any questions.